An Ode to the Grove

It is a silly, mindless little thing to love a building. How can you possibly be attached to something inanimate–made only of concrete, plaster, glass, and tacky carpeting? Logically, I think we all know that it does seem like an empty-headed thing to do, but we form intimate bonds with the central settings of our lives anyway.
Why do we do this? The only answer I know comes from my experience. I’ve lived two years now in Cosgrove Hall–one year as a Freshman and another as an RA–and I can tell you that it is something more than just a mixture of building materials: it has a soul. Now, don’t get me wrong–there are many things that I don’t like about Cosgrove. The ever-present smell of sweat or skunk, late-night hockey games in the hallway, and the fact that bodily fluids always seem to find their way into the elevator do get on my nerves. However, these are only superficial complaints.


What I love about Cosgrove is on a deeper level. It is the “This is college, I’m a freshman, and I am going to do what freshmen do” spirit. This, of course, leads to bad decisions. But it also leads to wonderfully fun and stupid moments. It is a place where people reinvent themselves because that is what they are supposed to do, and they can become a person that they wouldn’t have even recognized at the beginning of the year. If you come into Cosgrove with the right attitude, you’ll make friends and memories that will last a lifetime, and that leads into the most important part of Cosgrove’s appeal to me: the people. This past year in particular, I have bonded incredibly with my coworkers and my residents. I truly feel at home because of them. The notorious fifth floor feels like a loving family, of which I am the weird, yet somehow cool uncle who attempts to keep everything in order. It is a strange, dysfunctional situation, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

drew 2

So, as I move onto Bechtel next year with a new staff and different residents, I try not to feel blue about it. The spirit of Cosgrove is something that you can take with you. You can have fun and be yourself wherever you go, and that attitude is remarkably contagious. Oh, and the best part about it is that you can leave behind the noxious elevator.


By Drew Leathers



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