A Year of Success and Triumph

Dear ResLife Family,

Please know that this year has been one of adventure and challenge in addition to success and triumph. Many of you have excelled academically, in groups on the stage or as part of chorales/bands, in the field and in labs, on the court/field, and so much more. We couldn’t be more proud of this group of students who chose to join Residence Life and Housing this year (either for the first time or as a returner). You are the leaders on the floors/in the areas and across the campus- we are so proud of you!


Think about the conversations you’ve had with students in crisis, with your peers late at night, or with your parents when you’re trying to explain what your job actually entails. Think about the events that you’ve planned and the students who showed up because they respect you and would drop anything for you- that’s because of the hard work you’ve put into those relationships. Think about the times when you’ve been told to take a nap but you chose to stay a few minutes longer to the supervisor who has become your friend. You have invested a lot of your life into those around you. Thank you.

If you are coming back to ResLife, we look forward to welcoming you home again next Fall. If you are leaving ResLife (graduating or taking a different path), know that you will always have family here.

With much appreciation,


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