My Top 10 Favorite Moments from Res Life

I’ve loved every second of my 3 years of Res Life! When Hannah Garrett asked for my single greatest memory for my goodbye slideshow, I simply couldn’t pick just one! A flood of my happiest and fondest memories from college swam into my mind, and I wanted to share a few of them with you. I believe each of these memories capture the true essence of SAU Res Life.

Here are my top 10 favorite moments from Res Life:

  1. During my first floor meeting ever outside of Bechtel and I realized halfway through I was sitting next to a dead bat.
  2. One time I heard a bunch of yelling and banging around coming from my hallway in Bechtel so I whipped open my door expecting the worst, only to find RA Tyler Waugh wheeling his residents down the hall in a recycling bin, placing them in front of various doors to scare my residents.Brooke7
  3. My Co-RA Kate Ross and I (with the help of Tyler Waugh, Elijah Grant, and Jon Ottenfeld) played an April Fools prank on two of our residents by convincing them they were being investigated by the police. They completely believed us and both started crying. RAs of the Year?? (No worries we told them it was a joke… lol).
  4. Cole and I dressed up as Fran and Eugene and visited my residents who took it upon themselves to take an impromptu Brooke5family photo. (we were crying-laughing the whole time). Fran and Eugene visited Ambrose each year after.
  5. I hosted a program each week in Rohlman for my weekly tradition and I’ll always remember how much my girls looked forward to hanging out together each Thursday night.
  6. Every time we were forced to do the Interlude during training we complained about how awkward the dance is but honestly that song was a banger.
  7. During this past winter training, the pro staff used my apartment to cook a huge breakfast feast for all the RAs and my apartment smelled like bacon for at least one month (not complaining at all)
  8. All the ridiculously hilarious messages sent in my 27 GroupMe chats.
  9. Every time I completed door decs at the last minute and bonded with my fellow RA procrastinators in the Main Office til the wee hours of the morning.
  10. Every time I got to see my fellow RAs and Pro Staff members on campus, in passing or in townhall, I’ve always felt part of a family.


Thanks for the unforgettable memories, Res Life!! To everyone still continuing on at SAU, enjoy every moment. These 4 years go by faster than you know!

By Brooke Neumann




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