The One, The Only, Anjie Sorenson

Anjie Sorenson is leaving Res Life. Does that hurt anyone’s heart like it hurts mine? Perhaps it’s because I’m losing a great boss and an even better friend. But let’s not get teary-eyed quite yet. I asked Anjie to answer some questions for me about her years here and some things about this year.

anjie's current staff

Why did you apply at St. Ambrose? — Originally, I applied to be closer to home, but as soon as I met the staff, I knew SAU was my new home!


What will you miss most about Res Life? — Oh goodness, there’s so much I’ll miss! I’ll miss one on ones and office hours just hanging out and building friendships. I’ll miss trainings and socials and silly icebreakers. I’ll miss the rush of starting a new year and meeting all the terrified first years! Both students AND RAs! And I’ll miss pretending that I’m a grown up and a professional hahaha


What is your favorite meal to cook? — Literally anything in a crockpot! The smell just takes over the whole house!

What is your favorite color and why? — No one has everasked me why my favorite color is my favorite… but lime green is my favorite color! I think it’s a happy, bright color!


If you could have invented anything, what would you have invented and why? — I would invent a teleportation device to travel between offices…because I’m lazy 🙂

If you could have one superpower for a day what would it be? — I would want to be able to fly! It seems so freeing and I could go somewhere I’ve never been for free! 

What is your favorite Res Life memory?– Every time Sherry Whetzler curses.


Anjie, if you’re reading this, I know I can speak for the whole staff when I say you will be dearly missed. And I know a lot of us are praying for you to find a position in the area so we get to see more of your beautiful face around campus. Thank you for everything you have done for me personally and Res Life as a whole. Keep being you! And I love your hair style 😉

By Adam Blaser



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