RA Burnout

As I’m sure we all know, being in Res Life can be stressful, especially towards the end of the year. Well yours truly is here to tell you a few tips on how to stay cool and collected during such a stressful time. There are some things here in the area you can enjoy like FOOD! So here is a list of some restaurants I highly recommend you try when it’s late and you need a break from life.

#1 Ross’

Home of the Magic Mountain, this place is amazing! You know the best part of Ross’? It’s open 24/7! So whenever you feel like hating yourself after a delicious meal you know where to go. The Magic Mountain is a piece of texas toast covered in sausage fries and cheesy godliness.

#2 Filling Station

I haven’t eaten here very much, but the one time I did it made a real impact on me. This place is awesome with all of its street signs and old gas station memorabilia. If you need somewhere to go and really enjoy the aura, it should be the Filling station. They also supply you with a lot of gas, but perhaps not the kind you are hoping for.

filling station

#3 Village Inn

Awh what can I say about the glorious food haven. Village Inn is the most magical place on earth, surpassing even Disney. The perk about going here is that it is literally a few steps off campus. VI is for the nights you want restaurant food but you’re not willing to actually get dressed and put an effort into going somewhere.


#4 Steel Plow

This new restaurant has the biggest and baddest shakes you have ever seen. If you order a shake here, make sure to order a small meal because the shakes are mind boggling. An example is the brownie shake. Nothing like a shake with a whole uncut brownie on top! Except for maybe a shake with an entire tray, am I right!

steel plow

Obviously there are many more life changing locations in the QC than just these four, but these holy restaurants will bless your soul until your last day. After a few hours of research I can confidently conclude that God himself created the menu for these restaurants, and I can prove it. Go visit one of these homes for lost taste buds and try anything on the menu. Afterwards I challenge you not to shed a single tear of utter and complete joy.

By Adam Blaser




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