Hall Spotlight: Cosgrove

What’s new in Cosgrove? As always, the answer is: a ton. When you’re working with Freshmen and Alex Carr is your supervisor, you are lucky if your Co-RA stays the same week-by-week. Just kidding (I love you Alex), but there actually has been a lot going on in Cosgrove lately. This past month the Cosgrove staff has been rushing around to set up an Escape Room on campus for the weekend of April 7th and 8th. We already went through it as a staff, and we finished in only 45 minutes (Okay, maybe Carissa gave us a few extra hints). The Hive will probably come out after the event, though, so I am proud to say that all of you future people have already seen how much of a resounding success it was.

Just recently, Carissa Origer put on a Wine (non-alcoholic sparkling grape-juice) and Canvas Painting night for her residents that was wildly successful. This Sunday (the 2nd of April for you future people), Morgan Krieger put on a Kites and Queso program where students can make a kite door dec and eat some queso, and Jake Hayles did a program for Opening Day by watching the Cubs-Cardinals game. On April 9th I got together a group of residents together to volunteer for CommUNITY day. There is no shortage of things for Cosgrovians to get involved with this month!

I asked my staff what else they wanted me to talk about in this article, and what they all agreed upon was that I should mention a couple of future RAs. If you don’t know them already, Krishna Acharya and Roshan Khadka are two international students from Nepal who now reside on fifth floor. For them being two freshman, they have already made a major impact on the campus community. I have never spoken to a single person who has a negative word to say about them. In fact, everybody has a great story about Krishna or Roshan. I personally can say that this job never felt more fulfilling than the few times that they have asked me for help. If they aren’t helping other students with their homework, it is likely that you will find Krishna and Roshan at a club meeting, working in the Rogalski food court, or cooking Nepalese food for their friends on fifth floor. They serve as a wonderful example of what it means to lead by example. Next year Krishna will be working with me in Bechtel, and Roshan will be an RA in Cosgrove. I can’t wait to see what they will do as RAs. There is a lot more that I could say about them in this shout-out, but instead of me doing that you should meet them for yourself!

By Drew Leathers


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