What Type of RA are You?


You’re on duty…. you are most likely to be found….

  1. Doing rounds…and chatting with residents
  2. In your room with “I’m available” on your door
  3. Using a cup to listen at a doorway cuz you swear you heard a ping pong ball

You’re off duty…. you are most likely to be found….

  1. Chilling in your room
  2. Hanging out with friends off campus
  3. Doing rounds with the other RA on duty… they can’t be trusted to keep this building under control.

What do you say most to your residents?

  1. “How was that Anatomy test last week, Sam?”
  2. “How are you doing?”
  3. “It’s quiet hours.”

How do you refer to your residents?

  1. My residents
  2. My girls (or guys)
  3. The Freshmen, Sophomores, etc.

How would your residents describe you?

  1. I know she can always be found when I need them
  2. They are really approachable
  3. I’m pretty sure being an RA is her full time job….


If you got mostly A’s you are the type A RA. Classic stereotype of what an RA is/should be.

If you got mostly B’s, you are the Relaxed, caring RA. Residents like you because you genuinely care about them, but understand you have a life too.

If you got mostly C’s, you are the stickler. Remember you signed up for this job because you are friendly and helpful! Don’t take it too seriously!

By Shana Atkinson



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