Being an Introvert Vs. Extrovert in Residence Life

In our last town hall we elaborated on our MBTI scores.  These scores brought light to our differences and how we can work with them. So, I made a chart to summarize and remind us all how to successfully work with each other despite our differences!



How to work with introverts:

Respect their need for privacy Teach new skills privately
Don’t push them to make a lot of friends, but maybe one who has similar interests and abilities They don’t always have things to say, sometimes just let them observe
Give them advance notice Give them criticism in private

“Something any team can do for me is to give me lots of space when I have something to work on, but I appreciate people checking up on me and holding me accountable as well.”

-Cole Epping

“My staff understands that not everyone can have extremely long meetings without being drained from being in a group of people, so we are efficient during staff.  People can chat as much as they please after business is covered.”

-Jacklyn Young

“ A support system that is there when I need them. Whether that be backing me up when I need, or supporting my decisions.”

-Keegan Steele

“ They can let me bounce ideas off them to figure something out. Once I have done something such as a program, they can give me feedback so I can do better next time.”

– Kira Colthurst


How to work with extroverts:

Accept and encourage their enthusiasm Let them socialize!
Allow them to explore and talk things out Let them help solve problems/issues
Let them dive right in Allow them to engage in discussion

“I love being able to have my own space, but enjoy being around people for the majority of my day!”

-Savannah Gluck

Open communication is key no matter what. Whether it is constructive criticism or praise for doing something well, there needs to be that open like of chatter. Otherwise you have no idea how you are doing and can’t ever improve.”

-David Francis

“ For me, communication is the biggest part of how a team, in any setting, helps me to be successful. I love to help and give my opinion, so all they have to do is ask.”

-Melanie Perez

What my team is able to do to most help me is listen to ideas I bring the table and help me to fine tune them and make them more successful! Letting me know things I am both doing well and not doing too great is also a great way to help me out! I am open to suggestions :)”

-AJ Adam


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